• We at Pillsforcare provide you with the best shipping charges. We always try to keep our shipping and delivery charges as much low As possible to make the overall costs as favorable for you. Depending on the type of order and your place of residence shipping rates may vary.
  • We also commit to our customers to keep the time length for delivery as short as possible. This is why we have eliminated all the redundancies in our shipping and courier process to allow you to receive your medicine packages faster.

What are our shipping charges?

  • Shipping rates are subject to depend on your orders. The type of medicines your order that is the brand or the dose is going to emphasize the shipment rates. Further, your order amount also plays a role it plays a major role.
  • At Pillsforcare we offer bulk shipping rates which are further discounted to provide you exploitation from high shipping charges when you are ordering medicines in large quantities.
  • Check out our bulk shipping rates and we are sure that they will be favorable for you. along with this, the other major factor that plays a role in determining your shipment rates is the length of journey and time taken on different means of transport such as air transfers, ship transfers, and inland transfers.

Do we provide shipping discounts?

  • Yes, to your surprise and what you will like to hear the most is that we offer discounts on shipments. These are a part of a deal that comes up from time to time. For availing of such offers, you will generally have to place an online order on Pillsforcare and you can receive a discount.
  • Such discounts of application will be shown to you right on the final order placement pager itself. Sometimes the offers might apply to specific brands too.
  • We recommend you check out all shipping and courier offers before proceeding ahead with any orders.

What is the expected time for the arrival of your medicines?

  • Generally for inland transfers within the same region or state, city, or town you can hope to get your medicine package right at your doorstep in a matter of 3 to 4 days from the date of your order.
  • For international shipments, it may take up as much as 10 to 15 working days excluding all public holidays to get your order right at your home.

Can there be a delay post ETA for receiving your medicines?

  • Times are uncertain and it may happen that in times of an emergency condition your shipment is delayed. In such cases at least you will receive such information prior.
  • Due to any natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, or landslides, we may halt your shipment at our shipment for a few days.
  • Even we will provide you with reshipment dates once the situation becomes normal and we reship your products. We do understand that such delays can cause a lot of concern for you. If you are unsatisfied due to delays in receiving your shipment you always have the provision to cancel your orders anytime and provoke a refund order.

Package lost during transit

  • Sometimes shipments may get delayed due to the loss of packages during the transit process.
  • Even though it is an extremely rare condition we do reship your product for free. In such a case you do not have to pay for the order nor do you have to pay for the shipment charges.

Customs delay

  • At times deliveries to your door may get delayed as your shipment package is withheld at the customs department. Any such confirmation will be given by us to the customers.
  • But we are not holding any liabilities to negotiate with the customs department. All such duties and responsibilities to pay off charges and negotiate with the customs department authorities for releasing your package lie with the customers only. If you take no action your package is liable to return to our facilities.

Terms and conditions for free delivery

  • We also offer our customers free delivery. But remember that such offers are exclusively available for a certain given time and are available only for a few select categories of brands.