• We always keep online security as the topmost paramount feature for all our customers. With us, at Pillsforcare you can ensure a completely safe and secured online portal for making the payments.
  • We ensure that your anonymity and privacy are maintained at all times. And for this purpose, we have all the security measures and features in place to make it safe for you to carry out transactions online by sharing all your private information online.
  • We ensure a faster payment gateway for the faster processing of payments. Using the type of payment gateway technology that we have in place online transactions are completed within minutes.

How do we make our portal entirely safe and full of security for doing your transactions online?

  • We have a very fast online page for processing your payment requests. You can come to our portal knowing that your payment details will not be shared with anyone.
  • We have a foolproof payment system for ensuring that the online transactions are completed within minutes without any delay whatsoever to allow you better convenience.
  • Using our online payment modes we only accept online payments. No payments will be accepted via cash or through other means such as cheques and demand drafts.
  • We have a 256-bit SSL layer encrypted channel through which the online payments are executed. You will not have to wait for much longer and even the chances of non-receipt of payment almost become nil. The channel ensures an ends to end peer to peer connection for sending and receiving payments.
  • Even if you do not have any internet access to you, you can always order medicines through an offline route as we have discussed below.
  • Just as all payment transactions are fully complete the end-to-end peer-to-peer connection gets destroyed automatically. Thus no online payment and transaction details are saved on any of our data servers. And with this, there is also no risk of any third party being able to view it.
  • Of course, we will track down the total amount of transactions and keep it in our record books for future purpose reference.

Payments are OTP verified

  • For ensuring the further safety of our customers, we have made the payment processes even secured for our customers. All the payment debits that are on behalf of the customer will be executed only when you receive the OTP o your mobile number and email.
  • You need to put forth both the OTPs once you receive them to ensure that it is only the end customer who is processing the payment.

Online payment mode that favors you the most

  • We have various types of online payment means that you can choose any one of them depending on your convenience.
  • You may pay us through debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, online wallets, or online transfers done via your net banking. So far there is no feature of paying us in bitcoins. Although we hope to include this feature as well if there is a rise in bitcoin payments later in the future.

Contact our helpdesk anytime for getting information regarding payment

  • You may even contact our helpdesk any time you need for any type of query regarding safety and security reasons that are in place for your online shopping.
  • Our back-end customer relationship managers will help you to explain all the safety and security systems that we have in place to make it all the more secure for you.

Faster and hassle-free mode of putting up an order

  • The hassle-free mode of buying is what customers prefer these days and this is exactly what you will get with us. You can come to our portal and if you already know the brand name and dosage itself you can search by typing on the search bar itself and visiting the product page from there on and finally visiting the order booking page.

Placing an order online on the portal

  • To place an order online is very simple at the Pillsforcare portal. You see all you have to do is to visit our portal and find out the medicines you wish to order.
  • And then place your order. If you have any queries you can even avail of the online chat facility to get help online directly.

Placing an order through the offline route

  • You may even place your order by speaking with our representatives over the phone.