• You can ask us for a return and refund order. We do have some rules and pre-set conditions for it though which you must know about. And here we are going to share with you some of the few things that you must know about during a return and refund order.
  • Within 7 days of receiving your order, you can request a return and refund. 
  • To generate a return and refund order you will have to raise a request by visiting our website on Pillsforcare and clicking on the return and refund tab.

When can the customers ask us for a return order?

  • Customers can request a return and refund orders at any time. The query or request for such a return and refund order can be generated online when you log in to your portal. Or else you may generate the order on the offline route As well that is by calling us on our customer helpline number.
  • We will ask you to provide a return and refund reason as well which you have to provide sharing the ideal reason that first in your case.

What are the exclusions for a refund?

  • Now for the refund amount, there will be some deductions made from it. The deductibles include return and refund charges. You will get to know about the exact return and refund charges at the time of finally posting the return and refund order. The taxes are also not refunded back.
  • Remember that such return orders are only executed post when you have confirmed the placing of the return and refund order.
  • Your return and refund order will be processed and for this, our representative will visit your location of delivery and take back the product after proper examination and reviewing the product for possibilities of tampering and product use.
  • It is after this stage that we will proceed with the refund transfer processing. Remember that any type of signs for use and tampering with the product will not be taken back.

How do we make refund orders process?

  • We process all return and refund orders through online mode only. You need to comply with this as no cash refunds are made. For refunding online you will have to enter all details of your bank correctly.
  • We wish to inform here that processing such return and refund orders and completing the refund orders online may take some time. You will have to bear with this and eventually, it will be processed after all verifications, checks, and completion of other formalities at our end.
  • All our responsibilities end once we transfer the amount to your bank. No further queries on this will be entertained once we post the refund order and complete its processing.

How much time can it take to get your refund credited to your bank account?

  • Receiving your refund order straight into your bank account may take some time. We ask you to bear with us if there is any delay. If there occurs any delay in paying the refund order from our end we will inform you about the situation.
  • Anyways our representatives always clear the refunds as quickly as possible. But even with this, it may take up to 10 days for your refund order to get credited back into your account normally. In case of a delay, it may take even more than this.

Providing correct bank details of a functional bank account

  • It is the customer’s exclusive obligation to submit accurate bank-related information. We do recommend the person double-check all information entered.  We also ask the customers to check if the account is functional and active.
  • If your account is dormant or inactive it might make the transfer rejected and once we process the transaction we do not take any further responsibilities.
  • It may also happen that your bank account does not have permission of receiving credits to your account from unknown sources.

Finalization of the refund contract

  • Once we complete the return and refund order will send you an email stating all the information once again which you can keep as a record.