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An overview of ED

  • ED or erectile dysfunction is a disorder occurring in males. It is a disorder that can occur to any male guy at any age. The risks of suffering from ED for a male rise with age.
  • ED may be a chance of a sexual disorder that is occurring right from birth and in which case the symptom is known as impotence. Otherwise, such erection problems may also occur from various physical and psychological disorders.
  • When you are suffering from ED disorder one of the prime problems for you is the inability to get or maintain a hard erection.
  • There are many curative ways to get over ED as we will find out below. Some of the recommendations include undergoing surgeries, taking ED pills, acupuncture therapy, right diet, exercises, yoga mediation and even undertaking various types of herbs under herbal remedy for ED.

Understanding the basic facts about ED

  • ED is a sexual disorder that may occur in males. It is the disability wherein the affected male is no longer able to recover from being able to have or hold a hard erection.
  • It is a type of disorder that has many physical and psychological diseases occurring at the back end due to which ED crops up as a further added complexity.
  • Not being able to have an erection for a day or two can be taken as an exception and not something which should prompt you with feelings of having ED.
  • You see when you are having failures to get a hard erection time and time day after day that is when it becomes a problem.

Why you might be suffering from erectile dysfunction?

  • So, as we have told you above that the reason you might be suffering from ED can be a physical disorder or a psychological disorder.
  • Most physical disorders will ultimately lead to one major factor and that is the inability to have an adequate blood flow. On the other hand, you might also be having a disinterest or a general lack of feelings towards having sex which may derive from any psychological suffering that you may have.
  • Among the major physical disorders that may cause ED problems include cardiac problems, nerve problems, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, and even damaged blood vessels and arteries.
  • Among the psychological disorders that may lead to you being not able to have a hard erection include suffering from stress, anxiety, fear, depression, etc.

What are some of the symptoms that should trigger you to think about consulting with the doctors?

  • The main problem with ED is not one but two. You see one of the problems is that there is one symptom of ED that is visible but not many other than this.
  • The prime symptom for you to be a prospective ED sufferer is the reason that you are not able to have a hard erection day after day.
  • The other reason is that sometimes men may have a lot of procrastination and a shyness tendency to not be able to share such intimate things with the doctors.
  • These two or often the reasons why men end up being late in approaching a doctor and undergoing diagnosis to find out the severity levels of ED and even the back end disorder that is causing ED and take the right steps to cure it.
  • Do not be late for visiting a doctor if you encounter such symptoms. Remember at most you will be diagnosed with not having ED but at least it is better than having to live with ED for the rest of your life.

Some diagnoses for ED

  • When you approach the doctors for the first time they are going to have several rounds of discussion with you.
  • Some of the basic diagnosis includes a basic checkup of your penis externally, undertaking urine and blood tests, or even USG. All these tests along with a few inferences found from the conversation should be enough for them to understand if you have ED and what its severity level is.
  • Based on the reports of such tests doctors are going to further examine for the back end disorder that might be causing ED in a specific patient.
  • For this they may ask several questions about the patient’s health such as the existence of any diseases or having undergone any major surgery on the penis, heart, or blood vessels, and so on.

What are some of the remedies for curing ED?

In this section, we are going to find some of the remedies that you may wish to have for an ED cure. Here are some of the basic types-

Undergoing surgeries

  • You may need to undergo surgery. Most penile surgeries for curing the ED disorder will introduce manually inflatable penile tubes.
  • Such tubes will help you to increase the girth and length of the penis when you manually control it.

Taking a medicine course

  • There is the use of ED medicines which is one of the most common ways of curing ED.
  • There are many types of medicines available in the market these days such as the ones that are FDA approved or the ones that are generic pills.
  • Doctors are going to recommend a brand name and the dose for you to have safe effects with ED.

Going for herbal medicines

  • There are many types of herbal supplements too that are found in the market.
  • These are better than at least using the medicines for they are free of the allopathic chemical at least.
  • But often the biggest problem is in identifying which brand of herbal supplements for curing ED is the original and which ones are counterfeit.
  • Some of the most common herbal agents that are used in the supplements include horny goat weed, Ginkgo Biloba, Chinese red ginseng, Yohimbine, etc.

Acupuncture therapy

  • Acupuncture therapy is yet another form of natural procedure that may assist in providing a cure for ED.
  • It acts like an acupuncture expert putting pressure on some of the selective trigger points in your body such that you can remove all the toxins and blood coagulants or even minor blood clots inside the capillaries or blood vessels.

Other simple steps to cure ED

  • Apart from these, there are some other basic precautions that you can take in your life for getting further aid in the ED cure.
  • Such types of remedies are simple and can be carried out at home itself. These are the ones that are generally known as lifestyle cures as it involves changing your lifestyle.

Taking the right diet

  • Cure for ED starts with your diet. There are a few things that you can win your diet such some specific fruit items like banana, cherries, avocado, apples, veggies like spinach, kale., broccoli, cabbage, red bell peppers, and even other meat items like lean meat, fish like salmon tuna and garden.

Doing exercises and meditation or yoga daily

  • Doing exercises and meditation daily can help you to recover from mental problems like stress and anxiety or even other problems such as having better heart health, reducing high blood pressure, reducing weight and cholesterol, etc.

Avoiding addictions

  • For curing ED you have got to give up on your tendencies of addictions. You see these substances act as depressants and may further increase ED.