• We do provide the customers with some guarantees that you may wish to check out. but in some facets, we do not provide the customer with any guarantee.
  • In case you wish to know about such detailed conditions where we provide you with a full-on guarantee and places where we don’t you may wish to read out the guarantee section here.
  • Such information will come of your use and for clarifying all types of doubts and queries that you may have in the back of your mind.

100% guarantee on getting authentic medicines from our portal

  • We provide you with a full guarantee of providing the most authentic pills. we do not sell any form of duplicate pills on our portal. Most of the brands that you find on our portal are also FDA verified and you may as well check out for this information.
  • We work as an online sales agent for our registered and partner pharmaceutical companies. We source all pills that you see on our portal either from the company directly or with the registered and certified wholesalers and distributors.
  • We have all the necessary certifications and licenses held so that you may check them out as well if you have any doubts regarding the authenticity and genuine of the pills that are sold from our portal.

Safety of payment- top-notch high-security measures for safe online payments

  • We have all the security measures in place to make online transactions smoother and faster for you. we ensure a full private end-to-end peer-to-peer establishment of our 256-bit encrypted private and secured channel through which the payments are made online.
  • The online establishment will soon cutoff within a specific short time and so all payments need to be processed within this time.
  • We have various modes of payment from which you may choose one depending on your ease and convenience.

We do not provide a guarantee of a total cure

  • We do not provide any guarantee of a total cure. With us as an authentic portal, you will have to upload a scanned copy of your original doctor’s prescription to allow you to buy the pills. Unfortunately, unless you order your copy of the doctor’s prescription online on our portal you will not be able to buy pills from our portal.
  • We do not work as an online platform where you can get suggestions about the various pills that we have on our portal. You may not be able to ensure yourself a  total cure unless you follow the doctor’s guidelines specifically.
  • We always recommend you to buy and order pills only those that are recommended in the doctor’s prescription and no other brand or dose.

No guarantee of prevention from side effects

  • Like we do not provide you any guarantee of a total cure likewise we also do not provide you with any guarantee that the pills bought online from our portal at Pillsforcare will not have any side effects linked with them.
  • We do not provide you with any form of guarantee of being free from side effects. Whether you suffer from side effects or not is something that is in line with the purview of the doctors.
  • There may be side effects if you take any contraindicating medicine. Also along with this, you must remember that neither the same brand of medicines nor the same dose has the same effects. No guarantee of getting the offers
  • We also do not provide our customers with any guarantee of buying the pills by getting any offers. There are various offers that we provide on our portal but remember that such types of offers have some explicit conditions with them.
  • If you have any doubt regarding understanding these explicit conditions then you may talk with our representatives over the phone but unless you confirm the order yourself ensuring all the eligibility criteria match you will not be able to get the offer.
  • Remember to read all the offer-related terms and conditions carefully all of which are given in the offers tab itself.

We provide you with a guarantee of faster means of delivery

  • At Pillsforcare we always provide our customers with a faster mode of recovery. We do ensure that you can recover well and for this, we have a fast and highly efficient online delivery portal system that allows for a faster delivery right at your doorstep.